So sitting in the office for 8 hours has made you obese, and now you want to look good for the party that is next week. In fact it was your New Year resolution in the last year to lose weight. If you were so determined and passionate, you worked your rear-off to lose weight. But after losing and getting in shape you stopped working out. Dear reader, if you are confused and are looking for a solution to lose weight permanently BECK weight loss diet is your guardian angel. Do not believe me; give it a chance because it is a therapy with a diet plan backed with science. At any cost avoid sitting for a long time.

Know your body type

To begin with, it is important to know your body type. There are three types of bodies; Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph. Some people lose weight fast, some do not. Some people have more muscle mass and less fat. A diet plan and work out brings different outcomes to different individuals.

Beck Weight loss Diet

Think like a thin person and be more confident, yes!! You can get rid of dirty fat and tummy rolls PERMANENTLY. This diet is a cognitive therapy technique diet. There is a scale to measure your weight loss, monitor the way you eat, how many times you eat. Your mental behavior is altered to sustain weight loss. Your thinking is changed. You learn to be more mindful about the quantity and quality of your food.

Apart from this know their persistence is the key, stick to your diet; go for workouts at least 4 times a week. Cut dairy products and refined flour from your food, add fiber-rich, green vegetables. Seek a professionals’ help, reach out a dietician.