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Best Dash Cams

Choose best Dash cams for your four-wheeler


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If you are buying the dash cam for the first time and if you are looking for the dash cam for the best quality or the high definition quality then you have to go through the threads of the Reddit Dashcam where you find the best ones with all the features clearly mentioned. When you are looking for the dash cams, the first thing that comes to your mind id the quality of the video which should be the best and also clear. The parking function is one of the features 0of the dash cam that has to be checked before you get one and also the function or the feature of the gps. It also should be capable of downloading the files easily with the built in Wi-Fi and also comes in good and the reasonable price.

Types of dash cams

Based on the targeted field of view of this dash cams, there are two kinds of the dash cams. They are the exterior view and the cabin or they inside view. This exterior view of the dash cam will be for the purpose of recording only the front view and the back view that means it does only one function. The other kind of the dash cam is also called a the uber cam or the taxi cam and this is of the viewing inside.

The main function of this dash cams is recording the video and ensuring them that they are not tampered once they are recorded in the dash cams. The procedure which is used in the dash cams recording is the time stamping and this is also the trusted one.


This dash cams also includes the motion detector, and this is used of the detection while the vehicle is in motion. This dash cams also contains the G sensor, radar detector and the screen for the view.