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SERT Data Recovery

Data recovery is expensive or cheaper, and why?

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Data recovery means recovering your data from all media like mobile phones, USB devices that are not functioning correctly. The problem due to which data has been erased can be in the hard drive or any other part of the storage media. It is very difficult to identify with our naked eyes.

SERT data recovery is one of the companies serving the data which has been deleted accidentally from your media. Since each type of loss of data is different from each other, and the charges are also different from each other. It can be expensive or cheaper. Normally, it is an expensive process.

The factors which affect the cost of data recovery services by companies 

These are the factors responsible-

Time period

 Data recovery companies can provide you the lost data within a short span of time as compared to if you do it by yourself. Hence, the cost of services can be high or expensive.


 Earlier, the data was recovered by the user themselves with the help of software, which can also cause a whole or major loss of the data from the storage media. In this field, the data recovery companies have experienced employees, which help in fast and complete data recovery. The fee charged by them is high, so the process of data recovery is also expensive.

Overhead charges

 Data recovery also includes overhead charges like if the hard disk of a media has been corrupted, then the same type of hard disk is required. Since the SERT data recovery company does not provide the hard disk, then it will cost additional charges for it, and it will become an expensive process.

 After keeping in mind the above point, it is cleared that data recovery is an expensive process, and it can cost a lot of money to the user.