How to use the fume hood in a safe way to improve air quality?

If we have visited a laboratory, then we will be aware of the working process. In a lab, researchers and scientists deal with the many dangerous substances. These substances release harmful gases and vapors; you need protection; otherwise, toxic gases can affect health. If we don’t want any health issue, then to use the fume hood will be the right decision.  Fume Hood or exhaust fan is capable of eliminating the detrimental gases form the laboratory. Sometimes we work in the lab for 7-8 hours, so it will not be suitable for the health to remain in a toxic atmosphere for a long time.   

First, know about your fume hood

It is good to know about the working process of the fume hood. It helps you a lot to use it effectively. Many hoods are made of the steel as well as coated in epoxy. The design of the fume hood ensures the quality; it tells how much effect it will work to remove the toxic vapors. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide a safer environment for the worker. Harmful gases which release from the chemicals can be dangerous for the working who works in the laboratory.

  • When we are deciding on buying the fume hood, it should ensure that it is working correctly or not. For checking the capability, we can put the chemical on the hood and see the blockage.
  • If an exhaust fan is installed in the lab, it should be checked that it is working on the harmful gases or not. Test the process of eliminating the dangerous air form the room. If it is not removing in the best way, then we can face the health issue.   
  • Make sure that the hood sash is closed for better use of the energy. If the sash is open, then it will consume more power, but the result will not be sufficient.  
  • For the excellent filtration of the hazardous air, doors of the lab should be closed. If the door is open, then the fume hood will not be able to eliminate all the toxic particles from the air.